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A dynamic, fun way to share short videos


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Boomerang is an app developed by Instagram that lets you create short, dynamic videos that you can share on Instagram (or other social networks) like you normally would. And no, it's not just a copy of Vine. The videos created by Boomerang last little more than two seconds and are basically a very quick succession of 10 photographs. The final result is really fun.

The most striking part of the app without a doubt is its minimalist interface. You just have to tap once on the screen (without holding your finger down) while you point your device's camera at whatever you want to film. In less than five seconds you'll have your short video.

With your video on your device's memory, the only thing left is to hit the Instagram button to access its editing interface. From there you can give it some very basic edits ... and publish the result on your timeline. The results tend to be spectacular.

Boomerang is a huge success from Instagram, since it offers a convenient, quick, and fun way to make short videos. And, what's even better, is that it offers something relatively original. Whey send a regular selfie when you can send a selfie in motion?
By Erika Okumura

Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher